James hill


Traditional People: Waluwarra, Alyawarra, Ngawun & Yirendali

“I am a self-taught Artisan and Cultural Craftsman, heavily influenced by my Parents and Elders. I have grown-up with a strong cultural background and lived stories, deeply immersed in Cultural History and Heritage. 

My art represents my cultural landscape and my family’s secular occupational system associated with traditional ecological knowledge which includes the ‘Spirit of water’ and ‘Minerals & soil’ that provide us with the ‘Gifts of life, Spirituality, Sustenance, and Subsistence’. 

I appreciate and I am grateful to embrace all the colours of the ‘Rainbow” that enriches our Earthly and Spiritual Cosmology forged by our ‘Ancestral Beings”, this palette brings great calmness, mindfulness, and Inner vitality”.

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