Jibija Ung-gwee translates to old time stories or stories from long ago. This name encompasses exactly what our company stands for.


We are an Aboriginal family business that hopes to share stories, culture and history with people, so that there is appreciation of the rich and diverse stories and experiences of our people.

Jibija Ung-gwee Pty Ltd is 100% Aboriginal owned and operated business that aims to provide genuine and quality Aboriginal Art and Crafts and experiences.

showcasing amazing aboriginal artists

At Jibija Ung-Ugwee we have our own amazing artists that produce specialised products, but we also aim to be platform for other Outback Aboriginal artists to showcase their work and provide a genuine, safe and honest process to sell their work.

At Jibija Ung-gwee, we stand for high quality workmanship that highlights the unique and wonderful diversity that Aboriginal culture and experiences offer.


We are based in Outback Australia and are looking forward to developing our own onsite Art Gallery that once complete, will be open to the public, and a camp site where we will run cultural immersion and exchange programs.

These will be conducted on our bush property situated just outside Winton, Queensland.

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