Tracey lives in Outback Queensland with her large extended family. 

Tracey has been creating beautiful hand-crafted natural jewellery as a hobby for many years. 

Tracey uses natural resources sourced locally, such as bloodwood gumnut and corkwood seeds to create beautiful handcrafted jewellery (necklaces, bracelets and earrings).

The Ininti seeds come in many different colours and range from brilliant reds, bright orange, yellow, cream and browns. Each seed and Gumnnut is individually burnt.

Spinifex grass and grasses sourced locally in her weaving to weave baskets 

In addition to using natural resources from the outback, Tracey uses raffia to weave unique personal earrings for those living in the outback. 

“My jewellery connects you to the land and the outback. If you are looking for a ’Special’ gift that will connect you and your loved ones look no further.”

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